Marriage: – Love or Arrange

Marriage is a onetime event in our life. It’s a promise of togetherness that we do with our own self. We get the sense of being complete. And marriage makes us become more responsible and get proactive in social activities. We either get arranged marriage or love marriage. In arranged marriage wish of our parents prevail. They chose the partner for us and the pain of going after the search remains on our parents.

Love is a divine feel. The word feels us with joy and peace. We always wish to have our life full of lovely things. We want to surround ourselves with the things that we love. Even when we wish to choose our life partner. We wish it to be the one whom we love.

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As we know marriage is a social sacrament and an auspicious event in our life that has the capacity to change our life or transform our life and the way we live, into a completely different dimension. So why don’t we expect it to be a love marriage, where we are familiar with every if and but of the other side.

People have tried various ways to define and forecast such an event for others. One such way is the use of divine help of astrology and to know it before, whether we are destined to have love marriage or arranged marriage. Even some people get into doubt, whether love marriage is good for them or arranged marriage. Parents feel like it’s their responsibility to choose the partner for their child since they are competent enough to decide it better. They don’t want to bring uncertainty into child’s life and in order to make future perfect for their child, they always put a focus on well being of the child and so is the concept of arranged marriage.

In our birth chart, there is a total of 12 houses. Each house represents some important part of our life. And for any event in our life, effects on a different house through the planets decide our present future and gone past.

For the event of love marriage, in a birth chart first house (ascendant), third house, fifth house, seventh house, ninth house, and 11th house collectively tell us, whether we are destined to have love marriage or not.

Among planets, every planet plays an important part to decide the fate of our marriage.

In general when we love someone, no matter what age group or time of adolescent phase we are going on through, if we get the feeling of love, we look at the person on whom we get such feel as our possible future partner (as wife or husband).

So when in one’s birth chart there is a relationship between the fifth and seventh house or their lord, we fall in love expecting the person to be our future life partner. Now the story doesn’t end here. We experience love and then we need to have the courage and enough communication skill to be able to convey our feelings to the person we fall in love. And then we need to have our third house to be a little strong because the ninth house is the house of our effort.

We do effort and if one’s 11th house is good too at that particular moment then the person on whom we get that feel also accepts our proposal and an informal feel turn into a mutual deal. We then slowly start planning to make this pair of ours into some concrete deal. We want to make it a permanent pair and then we realize, for doing so, the consent of just us, the duo is not enough. We need to face our society, our parents and only when we are able to convince them with enough communication skill, we are able to realize our dream of making it a love marriage. A happy and beautiful saga.

So how it happens, here comes the role of the 9th and third house of a birth chart. 9th house is our social influence, our society, our parents (father), our paternal legacy and we need to deal with it. If our third house is stronger then our ninth house. We always get what we want. So if our third house is stronger then the third house, we will be strong enough to make our parents and society agree to our will and we will pack a deal, deal to have no objection for our marriage. How beautiful it is, the way it works in our real life, the same way it works in even astrological plane. If in someone’s chart it’s not a love marriage then its arranged marriage. Or in simple word, if the birth chart has a more effective or strong ninth lord or Saturn is in the third house or fifth house or ninth house, it makes us have arranged marriages.

Now there are some more points we need to notice before going into great details. If Saturn aspects the fifth house or its love then any such combination of love marriage won’t be able to realize into reality. It will destroy it mostly because of our own acts and mistakes and selfish acts. If Saturn gets placed into a 5th house even then we fall into strong love but we won’t be able to realize it into a love marriage. If your fifth house lord is combust even then love marriage won’t happen. But if ones Jupiter is related to 7th or 5th house and gets placed into ones ascendant, it’s enough capacity to make this beautiful thing happen to you.

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