Top 10 Mehndi Designs in 2019

Trends can give definition to our events like wedding, Diwali, Eid and many more. One such tradition to celebrate such occasion is to put mehndi and it is one such drift which is still loved by all. People are looking out for new and innovative design to embellish their hands, arm, and feet which can enhance the look and make an occasion special. Design changes with time and so here are some of the top 10 mehndi designs in 2019.


Floral Design with swirls:

Floral mehndi design is always in trend and at the same time look very beautiful. Girls love flowers and so this type of mehndi design is also loved by them. Flowers, when combined with swirls, can give complete look to your design. Moreover, it looks good in all length and so best for your small occasion and events.

Veil and Tower Tattoo:

Today veil is n trend as it consumes less time and also looks very attractive. It is one form of Arabic design which is very easy to out and still look different. This type of mehndi looks like a tattoo and is best for small events. It will cover every part like a finger, fingertips, palm, and hand but still, have empty space which makes it different from others.

Glitter mehndi:

This design where the dark outline along with lighter colors in the pattern can attractive loo. If you are planning to attend the wedding of your loved ones this is the best mehndi for it. It can be combined with crystal and stones which looks very gorgeous and also enhance your own look. This type of mehndi.

Half and half mehndi:

A complete design is a bene divided into two parts for both hands. When you take pictures of each hand individually it looks incomplete and very hard to revel design but when you place both your hands together the look is just mesmerizing. This type of design mostly has hearts or circles which are divided between two hands and details are the same for both hands.

Portrait mehndi design for a wedding:

2019 has also introduced the latest trend in mehndi design for brides which constitute of quotes along with portraits. This type of quote will make you positive and also make you excited every time you see before your wedding rituals. This mehndi design is being inspired by Instagram and so has a portrait for couples.

Circular motif:

If looking out for simple and appealing design circular motifs are best. This design has a circle with detailing in both hands and is very beautiful in look. It is best for simple occasions like Eid and Diwali as it takes less time and also has a long lasting impression.

Lines pattern:

Line and pattern are always in trend but today as people are creative it can be depicted even in mehndi design. The combination of the pattern along with lines come up with getting the combination and looks very pleasing. You can create different patterns which you like to make it unique.

Border design:

Mehndi locks beautifully even on feet but instead of covering whole feet, border design is more in trend. It has an outline just like the shape of your feet and simple design on these borders with a pattern to make it fascinating.

Arabic peacock style:

Peacock is always being a part of mehndi design but today it is given a decorate look by having just a decorative peacock in your palm. To make it look more beautiful finger and tips should be covered with a design which will enhance the look of a peacock. It is one of the best Arabic designs which are practiced by all mehndi lovers.

Dots and chain:

This design will give you mesmerizing look on every occasion as this type of mehndi is very simple but is very fragile. There are no lines, patterns or any loops. It is being designed with the help of dots which combines to form a chain of design. This design is loved by all and is highly in demand.

These show that there is various mehndi design which can be tried depending on time, skill and occasion. It’s time for fusion and so mehndi design is also practiced in different design and patterns to give new look. Each and every culture has some of its own trend and thesis can even be depicted in mehndi design.

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