Make-up Trends for Summer 2019

Can you guess the trends that women make sure not to miss and take time off their busy schedule to get versed with? No matter how busy a female is, she confirms not to miss the makeup trends of every season and year to not only look beautiful but also to become eye candy in parties and gatherings. If you think that makeup is just to enhance the appearance, then get it right as makeup is for your skin care too.

Best Professional Makeup Artist

Check out the makeup trends for the summers of 2019 stated straight by the best professional makeup artists:

• Clean and clear skin-

Clear and flawless skin with no foundation look is suggested this summer. Gone are the days of layers of pat sticks, concealer and primer. This summer use concealer at the blemishes of your face only. Instead of makeup, follow a cleansing routine and have a natural foundation on your face.

• Glowing Skin-

Simply disregard matte, the beauty trend for 2019 is shiny and glowing skin with a natural gleam. Highlighted cheekbones and forehead are rages. Use of cream luminizer for natural sheen is the fashion that you should follow this summer to look elegant.

• Bronze is the pick for summers-

The dusky bronze is back after decades. In combination with wanderlust, bronzer is the fever this summer, giving ideal look in summer on beaches of the entire world. Paired with a highlighter and peachy eyeshadow, it gives you captivating look in a hot shiny day.

• Pink is again in-

Rosy pink eyeshdow, blush on cheekbones, pink lips are the trend for you when you step out under umbrella. It gives a soothing effect to folks noticing you too. Use powered pink eye shadow and on cheeks to avoid sticky feel to you. Wear the pinky make up with a floral dress on, tiaras, floral ruffles and tulle for princess type cute appearance with mounting elegance. You can give an idea to overall pink look from head to toe.

Why not try for pink glares to compliment your complete look this summer to a sunny party on the beach or your lawn?

• Groomed brows-

Well shaped, clean and brushed upwards are the types of brows that you should emphasize on while moving out on hot days. Little of mascara and eyebrow powder may be used to get the desired look to your brows just like a makeup artist does.
Put them on little below the feathery and heavy eyelashes, which is very much in style, maintaining the natural look theme of 2019 summers.

Also thick and dense maintained brows will do wonders in enhancing beauty of your eye region. Hats have always been in trends of high up models and beauties; you too should give a try to hat this season.

• Multi-coloured Eyebrows-

Oops seems weird!!!! But try this season and break the stereotype look of brushed brows. Bright shades of brows are hard hitting summers make up drift. Try it with no makeup or nude looks with eyebrows shaded in different colours. You may also opt for brows of different shade. Green, yellow and red!

• Black Eye smokey Makeup-

Make smart use of black eyeliner and eye shadow in distinct styles and display your creativity. Go on to Graphic eye makeup with liquid eyeliner and profound black eyeshadow. The thick black lines from the outer corner of the eye to the temples have been preferred by leading make-up artists in India.

• Taupe Eyeshadow-

Almost every female does not like to go completely bare, a bit of taupe eyeshadow can give some cool look to your eyes this summer. You may pair up with brown matte lip for classy neutral look.

• Glitter and Jewels on Eyes-

Sparkle over your eyes little glitter and jewel and have sparkling look to your make up. You can use different colours glitters and jewel like silver, green, pink that should be applied finely on the inner corners of eyes. However, you can try to get little adventurous too and try hands on creativity. Keep your face makeup nude and clear with glitters.

• Colorful and pastel Eyeshadow-

If you are fond of colours, then this summer have punchy one shade look not needing hard work of blending. Pastels outshine other shades and colours of this season as it imparts more femininity to the beauty of females. Along with above kinds, you can also opt for golden eyes and watercolor eye shadow for enchanting look to raise the temperature higher than that of summers.

• No Mascara-

A must element of no makeup or nude makeup trends is no mascara too. Have bare lashes with dark lipstick on for that killing looks.

This is not just all. In addition to eye and brow, the trends to follow for lips this summer are bitten lips, just gloss lips, matte purple lip, bare lips, and mesmeric red lips. Follow professional artist makeup tips for that irresistible looks this summer and be the centre of attraction.

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