Best Exercises for Abs

The physical activity is known as exercise. Or we can say any type of movement that works on your body at the greater intensity of your normal level of daily activity. Exercise maintains the rate of your heart and abdomen also. All the Abdominal exercises like Criss-cross, Windmill, Hip twist, Russian Twist affect your abdominal muscles. If you are looking for the best exercise for Abs then these exercises are best to maintain your body in perfect shape.

Best Exercises For Abs
abs Workout Routine

Here are the best exercises for your abs as follows:

Wheel Rollout:

To do this exercise you first need to kneel down on the ground and take an associate degree with abs wheel then beneath your shoulders. Now brace your abs and roll the abs wheel forward till then your hips may sag. Do this process again and again and roll yourself from back to begin.

Partial- sit-ups:

Sit-ups are very good to reduce your stomach and provide perfect body shape. In this type of exercise, you first lie on the ground, bend your knees at ninety degrees. After taking this position, raise your arms straight over your head. You have to keep your eyes on hand and pointing up all over the exercise. Sit up in halfway and return to the floor. Repeat this process at least 10 minutes. This exercise helps to Reduce Belly Fat At Home.

Bicycle Exercise:

This exercise is very effective for your body and abs. The process of this exercise is very easy. You can do this bicycle exercise at home as well as in the gym. If you want to try it at home then first lie on your back at plain surface or ground and lifting up your legs, assume you are pedaling a cycle with your feet in the air.

The vertical leg Crunch:

Another type of exercise is vertical leg crunch; this is also called basic crunch exercise. To do the exercise you should lay flat on the ground, now straight up your legs at a ninety-degree angle with rest of your full body. Now do normal crunch motion. This is the best exercise and it works only on specific parts of your body.

Same as this there are other types of exercise. There are many types of variation available on the crunch because each variation works on different part of your abs so you will get well-rounded six-pack soon.

Russian Twist:

For this, you first have to sit on the floor with the help of your feet on the ground, now bend your knees. Keep your back and tighten your abs. Now take kettlebell or dumbbell in your hands and twist the kettlebell from one side to another side. Lean your back with strong around at 15 degrees. Now lift slowly your feet off with raise your calves. If you are at the beginner level then we recommend do not lift your feet.

Exercise to reduce belly and hips:

First, gets down and plank your body in straight line with straight arms. Now tight your abs and back blades shoulder. Now, blend your both elbows and get down in plank. Twist your hips and tap your right hip on the ground, do same with left hip, and repeated the procedure at least for one minute.

Diet plan that you should follow during abs exercise:

For any exercise, you should follow some diet plan so that you will see the fast result in your body. In case of exercise for abs, you just follow a few simple rules.

In the morning you can eat everything that you want to eat like the carb, protein, and fat. That means you can eat like hamburgers, chocolate, and pies. After breakfast, you should completely avoid fat and eat limited carb throughout the day. For best result, you should have to eat in every three-four hours, with a certain amount of protein. In the night you should take your dinner before two hours of your bedtime.

If you want a better result than you should also try to eat plenty of protein, eat more yogurt, drink more water, eat healthy and nutritious food, etc.

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