Fashion has numerous definitions for smart women out here. Defining every inch of the outlook and finishing it in a sophisticated yet classy manner is all that counts as a fashion statement. Using apt and light weighted makeup products makes a whole lot of difference in the finishing touch. When it comes to makeup products, lipsticks are the most favorable and must carry item for every woman. Lipstick adds to your outlook and enhances your beauty in an obvious way but it also adds to a lot of confusion. There are numerous shades of lipsticks from each brand. This leads to a lot of confusion but you might not worry anymore. As we know that Delhi is one of the fashion capitals of the country and has the best brands, deals, makeup artists and so on; here are some shades which top the charts of most voted lipstick shades of the year 2019. Every Top makeup artist in Delhi is using these shades and the outlook is simply mesmerizing. These are the shades which go with most of your outfits and moods.

how to apply lipstick without lip liner



Fuchsia pink shades are mostly never out of the fashion industry. Reason being that they go with every sort of light makeup and even your no- makeup look, they enhance every outfit as if the two are made for each other. The best part is that they compliment every skin shade and type.


Cherry red speaks for itself as one of the most summer related shades. Cherry red gives you the exact bold as well as pretty look as you might see on the screens. It is one of the highest voted shades of the year which gives weight and volume to simple outfits.


Peach is one of the prettiest shades in the year 2019. This is the most versatile shade of all time which is perfectly compatible for all your make-up as well as no-makeup looks. It suits well in the summer season and is suitable for all skin tones.


Well, let’s speak the reality that orange was never out of trend. These sort of orange shades go well along your party wears, and heavy makeup looks as well. Orange is a great, versatile as well as easy color to pull off with most of your moods and it speaks well for the summer season.


The best part such coral shades is that they suit every skin tone, fair or dark. There is a lot of variety in coral to choose from, which makes it a good and versatile choice for the summer season in 2019. Coral hue is one of the most voted coral shades of the year.


Being a part of every best professional makeup artist kit, purple shades are the new trendy lipstick color. Some people might think it sounds a bit off-beat but purple is one of the best colors for light as well as dark skin toned people. Make-up artists love to experiment with this purple shade with numerous light shades and accessories.


Coral pink is a great shade for the summer season as well as everyday use. People with light skin tone can pull this shade off quite nicely. This coral pink shade is more of a natural sort which is perfectly suitable with black eye makeup.


This shade is never out of fashion and is one of the top shades of the year 2019. It not only enhances the skin tone but also goes well with most make-up looks and outfits. It is always a trendy choice which gives a very bold and bossy look.


Leaving behind a fair sheer tint, this black honey shade is the choice of most makeup artists this summer. This shade is the best one for every skin tone and especially for pulling off a bold look. Black honey shade creates a good professional and creative make-up look in itself and is a choice of numerous make-up professionals today.


One of the rare shades, violet shades gives a very outstanding and confident look. This shade goes well with matte texture. It not only suits the summer season but seems great for the winter collection as well. This shade is what will make you look exceptional and brighter than most people. The professionals often experiment a lot with this shade.

These were some of the top 10 lipstick shades which are outgrowing every single day, not only in India but in most countries. Comprising these top 10 shades can provide you a lipstick kit which has a solution for each day and each outfit. Despite the beauty and exceptional qualities of these top picks, some people might think that they are not good enough for every skin tone in India, but that is not entirely true,. Under these shades, there is a vast variety of light and darker colors, which could be chosen as per the skin tone and preference.

All of these shades are compatible new and exclusive. The only matter of attention is how you can do the creative work and enhance your look. It all starts with how to apply lipstick perfectly and there are numerous sources for you to adjust your skills. You could also go with mixing lighter and darker shades. The use of beads and glittery glosses is also trendy in the year 2019.

So, now you have what it requires, so when are you adding these sizzling colors to your cart?

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