Ear Infection (middle):- Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Infections are harmful to our body especially when the infections happen at the sensitive areas like ears. An ear infection is basically present in a form of viral or bacterial infection inside our effects and the direct effects can be observed at the middle ear.

The middle ear is the part of the ear in which air is filled and is located behind the eardrum. It also contains the bones of the ear which we can feel with our fingers with ease. They are very much tiny in size and they vibrate too.

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You must be wondering why I am mentioning all these things correct. Because today we are going to have a quick discussion on ear infection – how it happens, what are the symptoms and what treatments can be done!!! So, let us begin!

Why and How Ear Infection Happen?

  • We all plug – in earphones, headphones in our ears and we neglect the harm it causes to our ears. Always remember that any gadget that comes in direct contact with your body can become dangerous if not used carefully or if used without setting any limits.
  • The ear infection is painful as it is present in the form of the build-up of fluids in our middle ear and the inflammation present in it becomes the reason for pain. There is no such thing as proper “middle ear infection treatment”, it can get cured with medications or taking care of it. But if ignored, it can get converted into serious problems.

Symptoms of Middle Ear Infection in Babies:

If you observe any of these symptoms in your baby, visit an ENT specialist as soon as possible:

  • Your children are becoming irritable in nature and continuously tugging their ears.
  • They keep on telling you that they are facing problems in hearing or their ears are paining or they are feeling something heavy is present in their ears.
  • They start suffering from fever or feel pus in the middle ear.

Symptoms of Middle Ear Infection in Adults:

  • People suffer from difficulties in hearing.
  • People start feeling pain in their ears.
  • It becomes difficult to chew food or to speak.
  • Ears might get plugged up and there is no way to clear them.
  • People suffer from fever and dizziness.
  • Fever, headache, vomiting is always on.

After going through the symptoms of ear infection, it is also necessary to go through the “reasons” behind why ear infection happens so in future we can avoid doing things that are harmful to our ears.

Causes behind Ear Infection Middle Ear:

The reason behind middle ear infection is the virus or other bacteria that are present in eyes, nasal passage, mouth and other parts of bodies. The time when all these bacteria or viruses are trapped behind the eardrum, they then come out in the form of infection.
And when they take the form of infection, the person starts feeling pain, dizziness or itching inside their ears.

Treatment for Middle Ear Infection:

  • Wait and See Approach: – Most of the mild ear infections are cured within two to three week of diagnosis. Treatments with the antibiotics can be proved beneficial in such cases.
  • Managing Pain: – Doctor usually advises you to manage the pain and reduce the painful effects. Use a moist cloth to keep on the affected area may reduce the pain.
  • Intake of aspirin should be in an adequate quantity, as directed by the physician.

Antibiotic Therapy: – After an initial period of observation doctors may recommend you the antibiotics. Take the dosage on routine time.

In this busy world or say in this life where we are busy like anything in settling down or managing our life that we almost forget that we have to take care of our own body too and we start neglecting small problems that we face which is completely injustice with our self. Why? Because what is happening to our body and the effects caused due to these problems is beyond our imagination.

It will be beneficial for us too as we will come to know that what are the things in our body, we need to take care and what things we can take it in a lighter way for the present. So, stay healthy and get rid of ear infection as soon as possible.

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