Hair fall- A Common Problem for All

Hair fall is a common problem that is occurring nowadays, people with any age groups can suffer from this. It may affect your scalp or other parts of the body. Every person loses near about 15-20 hair stands daily, but the excessive loss of hair can be a problem. Hair fall may occur due to the intake of improper diet, hormonal changes, medications or medical changes.

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Recognizing the root cause is essential. One can notice these sudden changes due to hair fall, which are:-

• Excessive thinning of hair.
• Loss of clumps of hair from your scalp.
• Incomplete hair loss.
• Unexpected hair loss from any part of the body.

The following can be the reasons of hair fall:-

• Acute Stress Disorder- Hair fall occur mainly in adults due to the hyper stress, a tension that induces the hormonal changes. These hormonal changes lead to the hair fall that also often occur during pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, thyroid disturbances, or even from taking oral contraceptives.
• Deficiency of protein and Iron- Along with the above reasons hair fall can also occur due to the deficiency of iron, protein (keratin) that results in the loss of follicles.
• Vitamin B12 deficiency often leads to hair loss problems, since they affect the red blood cell that carries oxygen to the body tissues.
• Heredity- Heredity can sometimes be a reason for hair loss. It usually occurs gradually with aging resulting in male-pattern or female pattern baldness.
• Medications such as anabolic steroids that are used in kidney failure, chemotherapy, and radiation can lead to hair loss.
• Excessive hairstyling and coloring may lead to loosening of the follicles, which leads to hair fall. Avoid the use of heavy chemical content of shampoos and serum.
• Environmental conditions and pollution nowadays weakens the scalp and deteriorate the hair growth.

What can me the measures for hair fall solutions…?

1. Vitamin for hair growth: – Vitamins are essential for the overall growth, as well as beneficial for hair fall treatment. Vitamin A and Vitamin E enhance the healthy production of sebum, and efficiently increases the blood circulation.
2. Enrich diet with protein:- Protein enrich diet such as meat, soya etc should be included in the diet.
3. Scalp massage with hair oils:- Massage through essential content present in the oil, helps your hair follicles remain active. Coconut and castor oil helps for hair growth.
4. Keep yourself hydrated:- Hair shaft enhances of a large quantity of water, thus remain hydrated will help to get rid of hair fall.
5. Wash your hair with mild shampoo:- Regular hair wash will help to remain your scalp clean, also lowers the risks of your infections.
6. Avoid brushing your wet hair, the scalp remains weak in a wet state.

Following the above measures, there are also certain types of hair fall that includes alopecia (a medical term for hair loss) and their treatments that slow down the process of hair fall:-

Homeopathy treatment:- Not only message will let you feel relax, but also they can help you with hair loss. Massaging scalp will stimulate the hair follicles. For proper medication, one must consult the professional.
Naturopathy:- Nature is referred to as a potent source of nutrition. Vitamin supplements are the basic treatment of naturopathy. Nutrients including Vitamin B and iron help in hair growth naturally. Naturopathy is the best treatment although it takes some time, the results are permanent than any other treatment.

Surgical Treatments:-

• Hair transplantation (Follicular Unit Representation) that refers to the removing the of hair from the back of the scalp and implants it to the section having baldness. The extent of baldness determines how many sittings are necessary.
• Scalp reduction:- Includes the process where the bald area of the skin is decreased, making the scalp more stretchable, that helps to remove a section of skin from the scalp. Scalp reduction is commonly treated in combination with hair transplantation.

Common Treatments:-

Egg oil- Egg is a rich source of protein; massaging egg oil nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth. It improves the hair texture, reducing hair fall and split ends, brings volume to our hair.
Rogaine:- It is FDA approved a medication that can be taken without any prescription. Massaging through it twice a day can cure alopecia quickly. It stops hair fall, promoting hair growth.

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