Arthritis Cure through Ayurveda

Are you suffering from Arthritis? Do you frequently ask yourself which is the best ayurvedic doctor near me? See there are various ayurvedic doctors out there who take care of this. But before that, let’s see what Arthritis actually is.

Arthritis is referred to as a disease associated with the joints and bones. It mainly comprises various visible symptoms like joint pain, redness, swelling, inflammation and many more. It damages the cartilages and pushes the bones to rub each other which eventually leads to a severe pain and difficulty in moving from one place to another. There are several types of arthritis that exist today. If one remains physically active, it will help to remain mobile and stay healthy.

arthritis cure through ayurveda
Ayurvedic Doctor Near Me

There are several signs of Arthritis exist, that may vary according to their type:-

• Severe sudden pain can be felt in any body part or may affect many parts together.
• In some cases, the effects of Arthritis is that the skin of the joints swells up becomes red and feels warm to touch.
• Stiffness is a typical symptom that can be felt while sitting on a chair, or while moving from a place to another.
• Sometimes it becomes difficult to move the joints while getting up or sitting down on a chair, this could indicate Arthritis.

Now let’s come back to the real topic whether Ayurveda is efficient enough to treat this disease and make it cured of its roots. It can be stated that the various associated symptoms of this disease can be interlinked with the amavata of Ayurveda. That means when the food which is either undigested or improperly digested leads to this menace. Due to the advancement of age, digestive power automatically goes down up to a large extent. Thus this can be regarded that with old age comes the degradation in the quality of life. Thus Ayurveda improves the digestion and metabolism and ultimately eradicates this disease. Although there are various ayurvedic doctors in Kanpur you need to be choosy among them to get the optimum benefits and relief.

Actually, there are several therapies in the Ayurveda which help in getting rid of this disease completely. Lets us discuss the one by one :

1. Virechan: It is one of the ayurvedic therapies which mainly deals with effectively curing disorders linked with the pitta. Basically, it has been performed in India since ancient times. Our ancestors were well versed with this technique. Basically, it consists of an internal cleansing of a gall bladder, liver, and tract. Thus ultimately it soothes the pitta by liberating various toxins from the body. In fact, it helps in the purification of the blood. It liberates various doshas through the anal route. Patients are generally advised to be on fast for a couple of days and then take a light diet.

2. Basti: The second one is Basti which is a part of the panchkarma and is highly effective against the Vata. Moreover, this therapy comprises eight parts which are performed depending upon the condition of the patient and the severity of the disease. This therapy exits all the toxins and relieves the Vatadosha. Apart from treating Arthritis, Gout, Headaches and various muscular pains it helps in getting rid of various sexual disorders. Basti eventually helps in making the life smooth after taking complete care of the organs of the body.

3. Upanaham: It is another effective ayurevedic therapy which is a panacea for joint pains. It gives thorough nourishment to the tissues and ligaments associated with the joints. The swelling problems which has now become common is easily taken care of with this therapy. It has an involvement of the application of warm herbal paste. After application, it is usually covered with herbal leaves and looks like a bandage. After few hours, it is removed from the spot. It provides a great relief from the pain. Finally, it improves blood circulation, heals the muscles and strengthens them.

4. Abhyangam : It is the last but not the least which imparts full body massage with the use of various oils. This therapy helps in lubrication of the various joints and improves the strengthening of muscles. The improvement of blood circulation and removal of metabolic wastes is taken care of by this treatment. The rythmic motion which is associated with this therapy eliminates the stiffness of the muscles, balances various doshas and ultimately treats the whole body. Basically it takes an effort of 40 to 50 minutes to perform this. The results are visible swiftly and treats this menace smoothly.

Now you might be thinking about whether these therapies involve hefty cost. But this is not the case. Although their price depending upon the age and degree of pain. But still Ayurvedic treatment is far better and reliable as compared to modern treatment techniques. Even onecan do free online ayurvedic consultation to get the best possible output. So why are not relying on Ayurveda to heal yourself completely.

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