Depression – Is it A State of Mind, or a Disease?

Depression is a very common word people use these days. Almost every other person is suffering from its menace. It’s a state of mind where someone feels dull or uninterested most of the time. Clinical depression is the name given basically to the state of mind which makes one feel sad and upset. It may be mild or severe depending upon other associated symptoms and the severity of sadness. It basically includes:

• Feeling unwanted and hopeless
• Sleeping and appetite disorder
• Feeling restless and tired.
• Negative thoughts about everything around.
• A feeling of isolation and insignificance
• Suicidal thoughts.

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These are some major symptoms which must last for at least two-three weeks for a diagnosis of depression else it would be called simply a situation of sadness and grief.

Depression should not be associated with sadness or grief every time. Since there are several other reasons for depression as well. For instance – Death of a loved one, financial crisis, failing in an exam or break up in a relationship are some situations where one feels sad and upset which is natural in such situations. But this is not depression. Continue feeling the same way for some time may lead to the start of depression and if not controlled at a proper time may lead to a state of mind which is suffering from depression.

Depression is not a body disease which can be cured with certain medication or ointments, it’s something related to someone’s state of mind. How mind feels and behaves is what defines the degree of depression.

The dull and unwanted feeling may lead to isolation and then ultimately may cause a situation where someone is all alone, low and depressed. On the other hand, one who is surrounded by friends and family feels the feeling of belongingness and don’t usually suffer this phase of depression.

Depression may be caused due to various reasons:-

• Some may be caused due to past unfortunate events while for others it may be due to Brain Disorders. Depression can be genetic also for example if one identical twin faces depression there is 80% chance that the other may also face it at some point of time in his life.

• Most people realize about their depressive state of mind later in life but it can always be diagnosed through various ways. Treating depression is not an easy, understanding one’s state of mind and then measuring the degree of depression for proper diagnoses requires a set of skills and ability.

Depression can be treated using various methods:

• Medication: In the medication process various antidepressants are prescribed to the patients. These are not sedatives and don’t lead to habit forming. Usually, the practitioner suggests using this medication even after the improvement of symptoms. These are free from the effect of any side effect and eventually help in taking care of this easily.

• Psychotherapy: It’s talk therapy and is used for the treatment of the mild depressive state of mind. Here you can talk to yourself and try to eradicate the root cause of Depression.

• Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT): Mainly used for patients suffering with severe major depression or bipolar disorders who have not responded to other treatments. This is taken in the worst case scenario and should not be used in case of ordinary depression cases.

Apart from the above treatments, one can always help himself to stay away from such disorders by doing something that you love.

• Getting surrounded by people, who make u feel happy and significant are some instances which help in curbing depression at the very initial level.

• Whatever treatment you take there is always a room for scope and improvement; you always need to find some time for yourself to improve your state of mind.

• Meditation and relaxation of body and soul are very much required if you are recovering from depression.

• Tension and stress can lead to a worse situation and can intensify your feelings of depression.

• Dedicating more time to hobbies and other things which u enjoy doing can lead to a happy state of mind. Thus indulge yourself in various activities in order to lead a happy and comfortable life.

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