Sinus- Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Sinus is a disease which is a result of chronic cough and cold, so we should make sure that cough and cold are not left untreated. Usually, healthy sinuses are filled with air but when they get blocked or when they get filled with fluid, then germs can grow which can cause infection and thus it results in swelling. Sinusitis can attack people of any age, sex. Although, kids having cold or other viral diseases or patients suffering from asthma are more likely to get attacked by sinusitis.


The general types of sinuses are:

1. Acute sinusitis- This usually stars with symptoms causing a stuffy nose and facial pain. Duration of the same can be 2-4 weeks.
2. Sub-acute sinus- It can last for about 4-12 weeks.
3. Recurrent sinusitis- This can happen often within a year.

Common symptoms of sinus are:

Dental pain, Nasal congestion, Common cold, Fever, Flu, Cough, Bad breath, Headache, Facial tenderness, Loss of smell, Dental pain, Pressure or pain in the sinuses, Nasal stuffiness and discharge, Sore throat, Smoke in the environment

Symptoms of acute sinusitis:

Stuffed nose, Facial pain, Loss of smell, Runny nose, Cough or congestion, Fever

Symptoms of chronic sinusitis:

Pus in your nasal cavity, Discolored post nasal drainage, Fever, Runny nose, Nasal blockage, Congestion

Causes of Sinus are:

Sinus is usually caused due to the following reasons:

1. Common cough and cold.
2. Suppressing the urge of tears and vomiting.
3. Small growths inside or in the lining of the nose.
4. Exposure to cold, dry or dusty weather.
5. Sleeping in the day time and staying awake till late in the night.
6. Swelling can be caused by the inner lining of the nose that may cause pain.
Environmental factors, pollutants, and allergies are also causes of sinus, cough, and cold.
• Treatments of sinus are:
• If you are suffering from a simple sinus infection, then your doctor might recommend you to use saline nasal washes and a decongestant. A dosage of decongestant cannot be taken for more than 3 days. Intake the same for longer can feel you congested.
• If your doctor has given you some antibiotics, then you will have to take them for about 10- 14 days. Gradually, the intake of antibiotics decreases the symptoms.
• One can use vaporizer that gives you warm, and moist air or you can take steam of hot water that causes relief especially to the persons suffering from Chronic Sinusitis.

Here are certain steps that one can perform to get relief from chronic sinusitis:

• A warm compress may lower down pain.
• Nose drops can feel you free from irritation.
• Decongestant drops or sprays can also be of help. Make sure that you do not take them longer than recommended.
• According to the condition, a doctor may prescribe you steroids and some antibiotics.

Some other options are:

• You require avoiding any triggers which are linked to your sinusitis.
• If a person is suffering from some kind of allergies, then doctors usually recommend an antihistamine in such case.
• If one is suffering from a fungal infection, that is regarded as the cause then you will probably get a prescription for an antifungal medicine.
• If a person has certain immune deficiencies, then the doctor might give you immunoglobulin, which proves to be helpful to fight with the things your body reacts to.

If anyone suffering from sinus is left untreated for a longer duration then it causes severe pain and discomfort, until it automatically starts to clear up. In very few cases, when sinus left untreated it results in major consequences which lead to a brain abscess, meningitis, or an infection of the bone. Contact your doctor immediately in such cases.

As we all know that prevention is better than cure, we must find out ways to prevent sinus. However, studies have shown that there is no sure-shot way to prevent sinusitis. But there are a few things that can be of some help:

1. You should not smoke, and also try to avoid other people’s smoke.
2. Try to wash your hands frequently, especially during the season of cold and flu.
3. Try to stay away and avoid coming in contact with the things that you know you are allergic to.

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