The Latest Hair Color Ideas

Hair color ideas’ is one of the most-searched terms by girls who are looking for a makeover. Some girls like a subtle change, while others want a full glam makeover. We have identified and curated a list of hair color trends for every taste. Are you looking to get natural-looking hues, red or brunette hair? Whether you prefer colorful hues such as unicorn hair or rose gold hair? We have you covered!

Best Hair Color Tips

You don’t want the hairstylist making all the decisions for you and your hair, we have put together a list of trending hair color ideas for you-

1. Cranberry Red – This intense cranberry red is perfect for a girl who is in search of something vibrant and unique. This cranberry red color is not only gorgeous but also impactful! To keep this fiery hue intact, you must use the shampoo and conditioner as suggested by your hairstylist which will help prevent the hair color from fading.

2. Natural Balayage- This lovely natural shade of beige highlights adds sophistication and dimension to chocolatey brown hair. It is neither too warm nor too cold- it is just perfect. The thing about balayage is that you can adjust it according to your desired effect- light or heavy, it is totally up to you!

3. Dusty Rose- Did you also think you have seen all the variations of pink hair color; the beauty industry has surprised us yet again! Enter the hair color- dusty rose! This is one color we have been spotting all over Instagram! This color works best for those with lighter hair color already, however, if you have dark hair your hairstylist will have to lighten it first and then go with the dusty rose color. Feel free to play around with this color- get dusty rose all over, highlights or simply just dye the ends!

4. Color Melting- Wondering what color melting is? This trend is basically when you combine multiple tones of color to get a seamless hair color starting from the root to the tip. This trend is perfect for someone who has bouncy wavy hair.

5. Cool Brunette- This is one of the hair trends which will last you at least six months, we kid you not! Cool brunette is cheap as well as a low-maintenance trend which you will be seeing a lot of this year! this trend involves the same cool-toned highlights and smudging the roots in a color similar to your base color! This will work for every girl with brown hair!

6. Chili Chocolate- If you are afraid to go full-on fiery red, then you can opt for chili chocolate. Chili chocolate is basically deep brown chocolate color with hints of auburn hues. This will give you an illusion of lovely naturally sun-kissed hair.

7. Mulled Wine- This is a trend we are spotting all over Instagram. This warm, rich color will work well for all skin tones! This hue is perfect for the autumn season when you are tired of bright summery hues. Also, ideal for someone who changes hair color with the change in seasons!!

8. Rich chestnut- Not everyone wants to dye their hair light for the summer. This color trend is basically rich color roots and lighter chestnut ends. This trend will give a look similar to a subtle balayage, which looks good on everyone!

9. Gold Touch- If you have dark brown hair, then this trend is perfect for you!! This trend will help you make a statement all summer long. Get some bright gold highlights on your brown strands in a flattering way!

10. Black Beauty- The year of 2019 is all about highly pigmented hair! While there is other brighter color making a statement, black color is also on the list! If you have gorgeous beachy waves then you can sport this trend and make heads turn, literally!!

11. Caramel Balayage- Sport this trend if you have black or dark brown hair. The subtle caramel tones in hair will be a big trend in 2019. Imagine how incredible tones of warm toffee color around your face would look!

There is no better way to start the new season other than a full glam makeover! With all these gorgeous hair color ideas it is literally impossible to decide which one to rock!! Isn’t it? Do tell us which one is your favorite and the one you will be trying out!!

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