Acidity: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Acidity is a common condition which affects most of the Indian population. It is commonly called as acid reflux. It is normally felt in the lowest chest portion of the human body. Generally, it is caused due to the backflow of stomach acid into the food pipe. Acidity is an effect of unhealthy eating practices, poor choice of lifestyle and excessive junk food habits. There is a forum of best doctors near me where you can find a suitable solution to this problem from the field’s medical experts.

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Acid reflux:

• Normally acidity or acid reflux is also identified as heartburn, acid indigestion or pyrosis locally.

• When the acid in the stomach region raises over the esophagus, such conditions are caused.

• It often creates a burning sensation in the lower chest region of the body.

• Other risk factors include continuous smoking and persistent obesity.

• Doctor widely prescribe drugs to be ingested over a period of time, however complete cure is through a change in lifestyle and eating habits.


Patients diagnosed with acidity suffer from persistent burning sensation in the stomach, throat and heart areas. The patient suffers difficulty in swallowing foods with constant restlessness and continuous regurgitation. On prolonged suffering without proper medication leads to belching and nausea. There also will be a prolonged sour taste and taste buds feel lifeless. Further bad breath and ingestion and constipation.

If you are suffering from any or most of the above symptoms try to rectify it by asking a doctor.

How does acidity occur?

Acidity is very common among Indians who are popularly known for having too many spicy foods that aggravate the disease. The gastric glans which is less accustomed to irregular eating habits secretes acids that help in digesting food and killing germs in food. If more amount of acids are secreted, more than that required to digest the food acidity is favored. The region right below the breast bone of your body faces a burning sensation which no amount of water can subsidize.

Causes of acid reflux:

Acidity is caused due to a variety of reasons. Some of the major causes include

1. Unhealthy heating styles and habits

It is widely due to the overeating of junk foods. Irregular eating habits as well as skipping meals is also a prominent reason to heartburns. Sleeping immediately after eating and taking no proper exercises. Even eating before taking bath is found to be one of the reasons for acidity.

2. Eating excessively

One another prominent reason for acidity is excessive addiction to soda, tea, coffee or caffeinated drinks. Avoid spicy foods if you are starting to have any of the above-mentioned symptoms and try to control your eating habits. Lessen the intake of excessive junks like pizza, burger etc. as well as acid rich fruits like lemon, orange also.

3. Side effects due to inherent medications

Inadvertent medications can also cause acidity in the long run. Non- steroidal antibiotics, medications for high blood pressure, medicines for anxiety and depression, antibiotics, and treating of bone diseases have excessive effect in leading to acidity and severity of the disease over time.

4. Previous medical conditions

People having previous medical conditions can also have effects of heartburns. Some of the diseases include diabetics, asthma, peptic ulcers, hiatal hernia, connective tissue disorders, and Ellison syndrome. These diseases have a significant impact on causing heartburns as their side effects or due to the medication taken for these diseases.

5. Various other causes

There are many other symptoms like smoking, extreme alcohol consumption, exercise pressure, insomnia, or even infection by a bacteria called Helicobacter pyroli can cause frequent acidity.


If not treated properly acidity can lead to a symptom called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). You can consult a doctor to get the right medications for this condition. But apart from medications your simple steps in changing your lifestyle can reduce the impact greatly.

Some lifestyle changes that can be inculcated includes

• Eating frequent but the petite quantity of food. This helps in easier digestion and prevents the build-up of strong acids.

• Avoid sleeping immediately after eating. Take a small walk after eating, and right before sleeping, this could also help reduce insomnia and help you get some good sleep.

• Try to completely avoid or reduce intake of caffeine, aspirin, and ibuprofen. This is some major players in causing acidity and heartburns.

• Stop extreme smoking and drinking habits.

• Elevate your headrest well while sleeping to enable gravity flow and prevent acid reflux.

• Medications are always an option. Consult a specialist physician if you have frequent heartburns more than twice a week.

Surgeries have started becoming an option for frequent heartburns if medicines are not beneficial and if the severity of this disease is very high and causes hoarseness, pneumonia and wheezing.

Acidity though seeming less dangerous can cause complications over a prolonged period causing cancer, ulcer, excessive vomiting and difficulty in swallowing. Try to consult a physician and get yourself cured along with proper preventive measure for recurring of the condition. There are several online resources to provide medical help. You can even ask a doctor online.

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